Fee for service -- Your Financial Plan

Financial Planning Services

We charge a fixed fee for financial planning, which starts at $2,800. The planning fee is negotiable and is based on complexity and scope of one's situation.The fee is set after the initial introductory meeting and no fee is charged for this meeting.

Adviser, MG Financial, Inc.,will provide non-discretionary personal financial services in the form of a financial plan. Adviser will, within reasonable scope of the above noted services, remain available to consult with you over the next 12 month period at no additional fee.  At any time during this service period, at no additional fee, new versions of the financial plan may be created.  Following the 12 month period, if you choose, a new financial planning contract will be executed.  The planning fee for any subsequent year will be determined at the time of the new engagement. Both parties retain the right not to renew.


The fixed fee includes all meetings, education of process, coordination of all aspects of plan, volatility analysis, review of salary/benefits package, inheritance planning, and meetings with attorneys, accountants, and other professionals. Depending on the engagement, additional services are offered for additional fees on an a la carte basis and include:

  • Investment Analysis, Fund Selection (Up to $1,000)
  • Retirement Analysis, Early Retirement Analysis (Up to $1000)
  • Investment Policy Statement (Up to $500)
  • Business /Real Estate Analysis, Profitability Analysis (Up to $1,000)
  • Investment Tracker (Up to $200)
  • Partnership and Business Integration (Up to $2,000)
  • Review Will, Trusts, Estate Plan (Up to $1,200)
  • Tax Review and Analysis (Up to $500)
  • Education Analysis, Plan, Implementation (Up to $1000)
  • Home Equity Analysis (Up to $500)


Maris Galins, CFP meets with each client and creates every plan.  Experience has proven that having an assistant or "farming-out" the data input and plan creation portion of the plan just doesn't work.