Planning philosophy

  • At the center of the planning process is communication. 
  • The planning process is an intimate, detailed, and ever changing process.  It requires the freedom to create multiple financial models, hold unlimited number of phone calls and meetings to facilitate the changes that occur year to year, month to month, week to week.
  • We have found that remaining availalbe at no cost a full 12 months after initiating the financial plan is the best way the planning process works.  Once initiated the year can flow without any worries about additional hourly charges, regardless of how many times we need to review/alter/analyze the plan.
  • Maris Galins or MG Financial, Inc. can not and will not receive any commissions.   We are a Fee Only Financial Planning Company.
  • Our modeling approach will help you determine the adequacy of your current financial situation, as well as illustrate the pros and cons of various financial strategies.
  • Asset management remains seperate from your comprehensive financial plan.  Whether you already use a broker and/or manage your portfolio yourself Maris Galins will assist you with your asset allocation at no additional cost.  If you choose, Maris Galins, as your advisor, will manage institutional portfolios at a seperate advisor fee. 
  • I work to modify your existing thought process (and respective financial holdings) so that your life goals and underlying financial objectives are met.
  •  As your planner I am committed to providing you with the information you need to make timely informed decisions about your financial future.   Implementing the “to do” steps of your plan is key to its success; we will get things done!
  • Planning done properly is time intensive.
  • Maris Galins, CFP, as your planner, meets with each client and creates every plan.  Experience has proven that having an assistant or "farming-out" the data input and plan creation portion of the plan just doesn't work.






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