Asset Management

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Most conversations about managing your assets focus on half of the issue:

  • How much do you have to invest?
  • What is the appropriate asset allocation?
  • How diversified are your assets?
  • How much risk can you tolerate?

Without considering your real life goals, it is impossible to get the whole answer to your financial well being. 



Our Five-Step Process is an integrated system for managing your life and wealth.

  1. Discovery (Organize and prioritize your goals.)
  2. Assessment (Discuss the real risks and challenges.)
  3. Evaluate (What Are the Trade-Offs?)
  4. Implement (Applying a strategy to meet goal assessment.)
  5. Monitor and Adjust Your Strategy

For review of your existing portfolio and review of your current investment strategy please call Maris Galins, CFP.  You will enjoy the process, and more importantly you will enjoy the results.



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Asset management remains seperate from your comprehensive financial plan.  Whether you already use a broker or manage your portfolio yourself, Maris Galins will assist you with your asset allocation at no additional cost.  If you choose, Maris Galins, as your advisor, will manage institutional portfolios at a seperate advisor fee.





Maris I Galins, CFP is an investment advisor representative of MG Financial, Inc., a registered investment advisor.